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About us

We believe that every single one of us deserves to live a happy, fulfilled, and successful life. 
We created the Momentum Journal after realizing that the key to building your best life is having positive habits and an optimistic mindset. 
But on our own journey, we found it difficult to make habits stick. That's because we were following the routines and practices of other successful people
The reality is, we're all different. We have different circumstances.
Different goals and different things that make us happy. 

After researching change and experimenting with countless tools and techniques, we decided that it wasn't enough to just form positive habits. We needed to build the right habits. 
So we set out to find something that would help us form habits, track our progress and ultimately determine what actually makes us happy and successful. But everything we came across was either too focused on goal setting, daily planning or mindfulness.
What we needed was a holistic approach to change.
Something that would help us build our own foundation for growth. 
So we created it. 
More than a year of constant evolution and refinement resulted in a simple yet powerful system. Combining science backed tools and techniques with a scoring methodology, this system allowed us to discover our own personal formula for success and happiness. 
It became a daily practice. Something that we couldn't live without. And after friends and family started asking about it, we thought that maybe we should share it with the world. 
That's when the Momentum Journal was born. Our signature product and the seed of the Momentum Now brand.
A brand that stands for constant improvement, in a simple and fulfilling way. 
We're thrilled to be building a community of people committed to living their best lives and we're grateful to be a part of your journey.  

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