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Why you need an analog ritual

We live in an increasingly digitised world. From the moment we wake up, we’re bombarded with notifications, screens and flashing lights. 

How do we give ourselves a break from this? 

It’s pretty simple: Create some analog rituals. 

Decide that there will be certain things that you won’t use technology for. 

Maybe it’s reading a paperback book, rather than reading it on your iPad. 

Perhaps it’s keeping a physical to-do list rather than an app on your iPhone. 

Or, it could be adopting a journaling practice that requires you to sit down with a good old fashioned pen and write on some real paper. 

What are the benefits of an analog ritual?

Firstly, you’ll feel more focused. With no notifications to distract you, you’ll have an opportunity to focus on what’s in front of you. It helps you to be more intentional with what you’re doing, and it also makes it more enjoyable. 

Secondly, it’ll provide you with a tactile experience. There are therapeutic benefits that come with the feeling of physical textures like paper. They trigger a different response in the brain and help form new neural connections (that’s part of the reason they recommend writing something down if you want to commit it to memory). 

An analog activity has the power to ground you in the present moment, connect you with your sense of self and bring more enjoyment to your life. 

So take some time to think about what you can reintroduce into your day that provides you with an analog experience - no matter how small it may be.

By the way, our Momentum Journal was specifically designed to be analog experience. It’s the simplest and most powerful way to introduce a daily analog ritual that’ll also create lasting change in your life. 

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