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You don't need more discipline, you only need enough

You don't need more discipline, you only need enough

We often hear about self discipline being the key to success. We constantly put pressure on ourselves to ‘be more disciplined’.

We fall into the trap of thinking that to achieve anything, we need to be really disciplined, all the time…for a very long time.

However, we don’t need more discipline. What we need is just enough. Just enough to get us to a point where habit takes over. 

Read that again - it’s an important concept. 

So when you see someone successful and you immediately assume that they’re extremely disciplined, what you’re actually seeing is someone who has created a long term habit. 

Discipline feels boring. It feels difficult. So it’s no wonder that many get discouraged (or exhausted) and give up on their goals. 

But consider now that success is all about building a habit. The right habit. And you can use just the right amount of self discipline to help you establish that habit. 

Whilst self discipline seems like a struggle or a slog to maintain, a habit actually requires much less effort to maintain than it does to start. To put it simply, the difficult thing becomes a habit and the habit makes the difficult thing seem easier.

So use this to your advantage.

Make use of your self discipline to start building the right habits - the rest will take care of itself. 


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