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How to put your habits on autopilot

It might feel daunting to start forming a habit. But it doesn't have to be.

The reality is, it's actually quite simple to create a new habit.

With any goal or habit, it's important to start small. Think about a tiny action you can take to put the wheels in motion without having to think too much.

For example, if you want to start working in the gym, start small.

First, you want to build the habit of actually getting into the gym.

And that can be done by creating a personal system that runs on autopilot.

Here's an example of what you might do:

Each evening before you go to sleep, lay out your gym clothes and shoes at the end of your bed.

Have your gym towel and water bottle ready at the door where you keep your car keys.

That way, you can simply wake up and get straight into your clothes and walk out the door.

Removing the friction and any opportunity to bail on your workout is what'll help you follow through.

Soon enough, that little system of yours each evening will have you working out every day.

And when you workout every day, you'll start to see results, which will make you want to keep going.

Not only that, you'll form a sense of pride and it'll become a part of who you are.

That's a simple example of how a personal system can help put habit creation on autopilot.

Use this same principle for any other habits you want to form.

So think about a habit that you really want to form this year...

What can you do to remove friction?

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