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How to be 3700% better

The term 'self improvement' often brings about visions of big goals, unwavering commitment and hard work.

And the traditional approach to goal setting can tempt us into feeling like we need to achieve things faster, putting undue pressure on ourselves and ultimately leading to a lack of enjoyment in the process - and worse still, a constant feeling of failure.

That's why we advocate incremental progress. Taking small steps every day in a positive direction.

It's these tiny steps that end up creating big changes. It may not feel like it at the time, but by doing those small things, you're actually setting the course for big changes.

Forming good habits is like compounding interest. It might not feel like much is happening at the start, but as you build momentum, it starts to really add up until one day you're astonished at the result.

So rather than thinking of your personal growth journey as a big goal, just take it day by day.

Aim to be just a little bit better than the previous day.

If you want to improve your physical health, eat less sugar each day, walk a little further every morning, and try and sleep closer to 8 hours each night.

If your goals are financial, try and spend less on unnecessary items, and save a little bit more of your income.

Whatever your goals, aiming for incremental progress on a daily basis is what'll actually move the needle. If you improve by 1% each day, that compounds to over 3700% improvement after a year.

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